Monday, August 30, 2010

Part 2

Hope you read my last post about the story here is the next part from Part 1 

           Hours pass as Weavil and Arthur discuss what to do with our hero. In that time Toregon was feeling weeds, trees and other things trying to find a link that will connect to his past life then he saw a sword lying on the ground near a sleeping undead his instincts took over he picked it up felt it all over and gripped it like he used to his mind started to flood with memories of what he used a sword for and for who. He walked over to Weavil and Arthur and said ‘My name is Toregon I fought for King Menethil the second and I died for him’ Arthur looked at Weavil and said ‘I have a fresh unit of soldiers going to The Undercity for training you and Toregon will accompany them when you arrive request an audience with Lady Sylvannas’ ‘It will be done’ Weavil stated Arthur and Weavil saluted one another then Arthur went on his way ‘come we have to go’ said Weavil after about an hours walk to The Undercity they reached the front of the ruins of Lordaeron  Toregon fell to his knees and said  with the tone of disbelief ‘This was my home’ ‘This still is your home just a bit different’ Weavil responded then chuckled

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A story I'm working on

The story is based in the Warcraft universe around a hero named Toregon a fallen hero of Lordaeron (by fallen I mean dead) who is given life once more by The Forsaken and goes on an adventure in the lands of Azeroth here's the first paragraph of my story and feedback is appreciated (by the way sorry about my bad grammar)

        Our story begins with our hero in a deep sleep and tranquility unlike anything the living would know with darkness all around him. Suddenly sensations of which he hadn’t felt since the last moments of his life returning to him and just as quickly as it ended, life returned to his body he awoke in a dark field surrounded with the living dead. One of them was speaking to him ‘What is your name?’ asked the undead man. Our hero did his best to answer but what came out of his mouth was maggots and vomit. The undead man then picked up a maggot and ate it and said ‘Can’t answer? Fine off to the pits with you’ but as the undead man gestured to the direction of where he was being sent another undead man interrupted. ‘Weavil! Look at his attire he was a man of great importance’ ‘Arthur he can’t even remember his name he’s worthless’ Weavil responded ‘I doubt that, he's just in need of my assistance’ as Arthur said this he gestured for two undead to come to our hero they turned him around and got him on his knees. ‘Now what is your name?’ Arthur asked as he brought out his whip our hero could not answer for his mind was in a fog suddenly a new sensation came over him as Arthur’s whip came in contact with his skin ‘What is your name?!’ Arthur asked again our hero shouted as the whip struck him another time ‘This is your last chance-What is your name?!’ as the whip struck our hero he shouted ‘TOREGON!’

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crusade Gaming

Hey do you play World of Warcraft? but tired of paying 14.99$ a month maybe you should look into CrusadeGaming a very fun private server with 2 realms one for all of you raid addicts out there and one for the PvP maniacs plus it's FREE that's always good (check the link for more information or click the video link below). Personally, I think it's the best private server out there I play on the Malygos realm my toon is Cowtree come play with me

CrusadeGaming Promotional Video

Friday, August 27, 2010

My 1st blog

Hey guys! Aaron  here this is my 1st blog just to let you know my page is a work in progress but I'm gonna be putting a lot of great stuff so stay tuned now here is an awesome song for you to listen to Hey Jude - The Beatles