Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crusade Gaming

Hey do you play World of Warcraft? but tired of paying 14.99$ a month maybe you should look into CrusadeGaming a very fun private server with 2 realms one for all of you raid addicts out there and one for the PvP maniacs plus it's FREE that's always good (check the link for more information or click the video link below). Personally, I think it's the best private server out there I play on the Malygos realm my toon is Cowtree come play with me

CrusadeGaming Promotional Video


  1. wow, thats all i can say

  2. Private realms?

    Didn't bizzard start legal action against em?

  3. WoW is great! I'm Cartman now, I'm off to take over Wow... :)

  4. Thanks dude