Monday, August 30, 2010

Part 2

Hope you read my last post about the story here is the next part from Part 1 

           Hours pass as Weavil and Arthur discuss what to do with our hero. In that time Toregon was feeling weeds, trees and other things trying to find a link that will connect to his past life then he saw a sword lying on the ground near a sleeping undead his instincts took over he picked it up felt it all over and gripped it like he used to his mind started to flood with memories of what he used a sword for and for who. He walked over to Weavil and Arthur and said ‘My name is Toregon I fought for King Menethil the second and I died for him’ Arthur looked at Weavil and said ‘I have a fresh unit of soldiers going to The Undercity for training you and Toregon will accompany them when you arrive request an audience with Lady Sylvannas’ ‘It will be done’ Weavil stated Arthur and Weavil saluted one another then Arthur went on his way ‘come we have to go’ said Weavil after about an hours walk to The Undercity they reached the front of the ruins of Lordaeron  Toregon fell to his knees and said  with the tone of disbelief ‘This was my home’ ‘This still is your home just a bit different’ Weavil responded then chuckled